Voters Evaluate Our Presidential Candidates

Story by: VICTORIA LEE / Academy at Palumbo

November 6th, 2012 — this date will forever be engraved in our minds. On that day we find out who the future president of the United States of America will be. Whether the current President Barack Obama wins his re- election; or will Mitt Romney become the 45th president. The most nerve- wracking part of the election is when both candidates did all they can and it falls into the hands of America’s voters- You. This is the time where everyone on TV lets you know that every vote counts. So you vote and hope that your one vote to everyone else’s made a difference.

Forward–One word that sums up everything the Obama campaign stands for. President Obama plans to move the economy “forward  “if he is re- elected. Since January 20th, 2009 President Obama has made good progress on his promises as the 44th president. For example President Obama brought the war in Iraq to an end and brought the troops home. Another would be improving health care, that way everyone could access it. During his four-year term as the president, he has had accomplishments with the economy, education, national security, health care, and the environment. It makes you think on how much more he could accomplish if he wins the presidential re- election.

Believes in America. Mitt Romney believes in America. By showing to everyone he has a strong leadership and that he believes in America; if elected President he plans to restore the United States to its former glory and says that the difference between a governor and being president is strong leadership. As the former governor of Massachusetts, if elected Romney has plans to do things about lowering taxes, jobs, government spending, free trade, elimination of Chinese government’s from American businesses, the health care reform, and so much more. As a former governor he performed well while in office, for example he balanced the state’s budget without raising taxes. Wonder what else he plans to do if he wins the election.

Democrats vs. Republicans. Forward vs. Believes In America. There are questions stirring out there like: who’s voting for whom?  The following is an account of an informal survey:

When being asked what President Obama’s campaign slogan of “Forward” means in their own words Democrats and even Republicans answered the question similarly. Republican Karen G. responded with “Forward means things will get better.”

Her vote on November 6th belongs to President Obama, she said. Another Republican, Ann, says that she’s voting for President Obama and that “forward means making progress.” Democrat Val claimed that to him forward meant “progression.” An anonymous Democrat replied that forward meant to “move out of where we were.”

Just as Democrats and Republicans both have positive thoughts about the President’s “forward” slogan. Mitt Romney’s slogan of “Believes in America” also won approval.

Richard thought that Romney “sees a brighter future for America he is qualified.” Edna wasn’t too keen on the Romney campaign but when informed of his slogan she responded positively: “maybe the economy will get better.”

Kevin stated, “I think he does believe in America.” While John was previously an Obama supporter and currently is undecided, he said that he believed that Romney is “trying to prove he can get the country back on its feet.”


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