Fight Teen Violence

Story by: SYDNEY GEATHERS / Paul Robeson High School

TUHS Press reporter Sydney Geathers

It is real — shootings, fights, and suicides. Teenage violence is a big issue in news today. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars are spent to enforce curfews. There are budget cuts with teachers losing jobs, kids not finding jobs, schools cutting off some extracurricular activities, etc. All of the plans are not good for teens and might lead to violence. Teens are angry and will take their anger out on others.

We need teachers. Teachers give good advice and with less teachers at school and an increase amount of students in one class, it’s hard to talk- out issues, ask questions or even have that one- on- one conversation. Then you have people skipping class, leaving school, coming late or not coming at all, and you wonder why.

Cutting off some extracurricular activities is not going to help either. The activities keep kids off the street and let them do something with their lives. By having kids participating they’ll have fun. It’ll help with getting into good colleges, it’s good for fitness, and the kids will do better in school because they know they won’t be on the team unless their grades are right so there will be better attendance in school and more people graduating.

No jobs, no money, more problems. Teens need jobs; it also keeps them from doing wrong and off the streets. Having jobs helps them to have experience. Jobs don’t always have to be places like fast food restaurants or clothing stores but it is a good start.

But teens need experience, there is a competition with adults and teens when getting jobs with people getting laid off they claim that teens have “lower skills, reduced labor force attachment, and rising inequality” but we’re the future and we need help too.

Curfews, is that still happening?  If so don’t punish the people who aren’t doing wrong instead of the people who are. It only makes the people who weren’t doing wrong mad and so they then want to start trouble.

What Mayor Nutter doesn’t think about is the effect of everything; he just thinks of one thing and says other stuff once his plans backfire.  Curfews worked at first but now it seems like there are no curfews and violence is still here. Curfews only work for keeping teens or kids getting out of the street but does it really help with drugs use, pregnancies, drinking, hanging with the wrong people? No, not really.

There’s not really a single cause or solution for teen violence but all you need to do is try and help or just care enough to listen.


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