Why Do Teenagers Spend So Much Time On Social Networks?

Story by: OBADIAH FULLER / Parkway West High School

TUHS Press reporter Obadiah Fuller

Some teenagers spend  three to five hours a day on social networks sites.  Why? Some say that they do this in order to escape.

There is so much that teenagers go through and sometimes it feels like no one is ready to listen. So teenagers feeling kind of sad or lonely turn to the computer and post how they feel.

When you’re posting something where a bunch a people can see it, you’re bound to get some people who understand, and how you just need to escape it all.

Sometimes that’s why people do some crazy stuff.  They have no one to talk to who believes them or is really listening.

When you express yourself through the web you don’t always have to worry about being judged. You never know if you’ll meet that person who’s behind the screen which makes opening up much easier. Then that person becomes like your confidante and then you always go online to talk to  that person.

Opening up to someone that you don’t have to see all the time, or not at all, makes their opinion easier to digest;  also because it isn’t going to be biased. The person will just give it to you straight and not something sugar- coated because they’re your friend. When you have someone giving you the information straight you tend to see what you did wrong also and you can’t play the victim.

Online you never have to be yourself; you can be anybody. On a site like Facebook or Teenspot you can be someone different. It’s like a video game and going into that virtual world and becoming a different character and gaining power and all that ability to do things that you know you would never really do. When you take on the role of someone you escape your problems. Sometimes your mind can be a dangerous thing especially if you’re being picked on or bullied you can’t  control you’re thinking. Also escaping can help you to clear your mind and to think and even help you forget the stuff you’re going through.

Another reason people spend so much time online is because going outside isn’t the thing anymore. A couple of years before all these social medias, most teenagers would spend their time outside hanging with friends or jumping rope — doing something that takes more than your hands. No one wants to be outside all alone, so now they jump on the computer, get out of the fresh air and start moving nothing but their hands; for hours at a time. This has become the new way of interacting with people. from behind a computer screen and not real actual contact.

Good and bad things can come from this but we teenagers really don’t care, most times we focus ons what’s popular, and that gets us to the real reason why teenagers spend so much time online. Everybody’s doing it, and everyone wants to be in the “know- loop.” Everything that’s going on in their world is on social networks. No teenager wants to be out of the loop on what’s the trending topic on Twitter, or what’s going on in their friend’s life giving them insight into basically everything that they’re doing and how they are feeling.

That’s the thing now, plus you have so many ways to stay up on the information other than a computer. You have the cell phone, Ipod, Ipad, Ps2 & 3, Wii and, DSI all these devices go onto the internet and give you some type of connection onto Facebook or Twitter. This is another reason why teenagers spend so much time online — everything connects to the Internet. There’s no escaping it or getting around it. The Internet has become too prominent and very accessible, which is more reason to get on and stay on. Little- to- no thought really has to be put in when you’re writing statuses or trying to post as many tweets as you want without getting put in Twitter jail.

There are many reasons why teens spend so much time on social networks, and now that you know a couple, let me go post this article online.


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