Discovering Your Past

Story by: BRITTANY JACOBS / Communications Technology High School

TUHS Press reporter Brittany Jacobs

Who am I? Where do I come from? 

These are some questions that teenagers today struggle with during their transition from childhood to adulthood. When someone says this, they don’t mean the battle with just finding their identity but also with finding out about their history. For example finding out who are their actual birth mother and father, and whether or not there are brothers or sisters?

Identity is a very deep feeling and parents are an important part of identity. Not knowing who your parents are is like having a feeling that something is missing. It is also about finding out what happened because teenagers seeking their identity want to be reassured that they were not abandoned. Teens need to know that their mother “giving them away” was an act of love or of distress rather than an act of hatred. It also helps fill a missing part in the life of someone wondering who they look like and get their personality from.

A lot of teens are raised by one birth parent and a step-parent; some people are older when they find out about their second birth- parent. Sometimes finding/meeting that birth -parent isn’t as joyful as the teen thought it would be. Sometimes meeting makes it worst. But the teen has to just think positive and make the best of it.

Don’t get me wrong, not all teenagers want to find out who their birth parents are. What I am saying is that it runs through each teens mind at least one time.

Teenagers look to their parents as someone they can go to when they need someone to trust. Teenagers expect for parents to be there when they cry for help. Not all kids have this so when they have problems they often just hold it in. This brings a lot of depression and anger in a teenager.

My point is that having that connection with your mother, father or just having someone to talk to is much needed in a teen’s life.

In my opinion kids who meet their birth parents one day whether they’re a teenager or adult should never forget who raised them and should always be grateful to that person. But at the same time be grateful to your birth parents, even if the first time you meet them wasn’t as pleasant as you’d liked it to be.

I say this for because two reasons. . .

  1. If it weren’t for the birth parents you wouldn’t be here today.
  2. Some kids don’t get to meet their parents at all. (Some kids don’t know that their birth parents exist because all they know is their parents that raised them)

We can never repay our parents or the people that raised us for the values they infuse in us and giving us the personality that forms our identity. It is through our parents’ love, care and struggles that we ever survived. They will always remain with us in our hearts and in every drop of the blood that runs in our veins even if we don’t know it.


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