Let’s Kill the Kill List

Story by: Madelin Clapier / Constitution High School

TUHS Press reporter Madeline Clapier

When does the president get the power to take a life?  America is in a war. The war allows President Obama to have more powers than a president is usually allowed.  Since the birth of America the President has been given special right if there was a war going on, but when does that right expire?

President Obama, like many other presidents, is leading a country during a war. His top priority is to his country, but that does not mean that there isn’t a fine line between defense and just pure aggression. How President Obama treats his power at this point in the war is aggression. According to published reports, he has a day dedicated to picking out what terrorists would die that week. Terror Tuesdays is now the wicked term for Obama’s meetings. Once he decides which of the terrorists will face their deaths, they are bombed, putting all people around in danger. Once the bomb is dropped it does not care who it kills.

America is called the land of the free. This country is known as free because of the many amendments to the U.S. Constitution designed to protect our liberties. This country was created as a melting pot. People came from all over to get a taste of freedom. The foundation of America was built upon the backs of immigrants from all over the world and because of that the mindset of many people around the country is their rights. Why then could we allow our President to murder people around the world? We as Americans originate from hundreds of countries from around the world. Why do we kill our neighbors? This nation was built on preserving different cultures in one place, so how can we justify killing innocent people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time?

What has started as a good defense has down-spiraled into a terrible aggression. At first Obama was being perfectly legal. His plan of having Terror Tuesdays was immoral, but it was not illegal. “The president has to do anything he can to prevent the U.S. from a terrorist attack,” said Carl Ackerman, A.P. Government teacher at Constitution High School.

As the President continues to have the terrorists killed, American citizens are becoming the victims. Now the families of Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki are avenging their lives in a federal lawsuit. “The court in similar decisions has always sided with the president because the president’s right supersedes all others right, so the 8th amendment would not apply,” Ackerman continued. The 8th amendment prohibits the government from enforcing cruel and unusual punishment and sadly no other Constitutional right would have saved the Americans.

The kill list is legal, so the barbaric system will continue to affect lives all over the world. Sadly…


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