Navigating the Rocky Road To Stardom

Story by: VICTORIA LEE / Academy at Palumbo

TUHS Press Reporter Victoria Lee

“Congratulations you have won this year’s Mall Model Search of 2011.” Anxiety; disbelief were definitely the first two things I felt when I received the one year contract with Model Productions. Finally thinking this was my opportunity to be somebody, however I never expected for this contract to affect so much of my life. You’re already informed upfront on the risks of what it means to have a contract. But what you really need to know are things that the companies think really don’t matter. What everyone should know before they decide they want to go down this “road to stardom” are five things:

1. Patience: So let’s say you just got a contract for modeling or acting. A few days go by and you are patiently waiting to hear from your agent. The same agent who told you she was going to call and let you know when an audition would come up; so be prepared. You practice your walk every day like today is the day before you walk on the runway. You stand in front of the mirror for the different poses you’re going to need for your photo shoot with Teen magazine. You have your monologue memorized frontwards and backwards. Time goes by and not one single email or phone call was made by your agent. The best thing to do when this happens is to continue practicing and make sure your “gift” (whether it’s acting or modeling) is really perfect.

2. It’s not the end of the world: Stay calm and don’t panic. It’s not the end the world that you didn’t make the cut. There will always be times when you don’t get the call back or pass the audition. So you didn’t get the call back, what are you planning to do now? Ask yourself, how long did it take for your agent to get you that one audition that you didn’t even get? About a few weeks, maybe even a few months? By that time you gotten your first audition your one year contract could be almost over. At this point what you should do if you hadn’t already, find auditions online yourself because it may help you in the long run.

3. Parents approval: Finally you have another shot at another audition the agency found you. The next step you need to complete before you go to the audition is talk to your parents about it. See if they can take you to the audition and if they have any concerns on what’s going to happen if you pass the audition. Sometimes your parents might not agree with the steps you need to take in order to pass this particular audition. Parental disapproval can cause you to miss out on a lot of auditions.

4. Friends: Remember your friends are the ones who are always there for you. Don’t keep blowing your friends off for work because the first few times they will be supportive and understanding but the next time they might not be. True friends and family should always come first because you never know when you may need to lean on them.

5. School: Don’t forget about school! School is very important; more important than acting or modeling. You never want to fail in school or skip out on assignments just because of auditions or. Your school work is always your top priority because if acting or modeling doesn’t work out, you need a safety net to fall back on. That safety net is your education so you can get a stable job. So pay attention in school you never know if you may need it.


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