Same-Sex Marriage Helps the Economy

Story by: NYSHADAE’ TAYLOR / Paul Robeson High School

TUHS Press reporter Nyshadae’ Taylor

What if you fell in love with the person of your dreams only to be told you couldn’t marry them due to your sexuality?

Unfortunately, gays are called just about every name in the book and are not treated with respect or treated equally. Whether it’s a bride and groom, two brides, or two grooms, shouldn’t they be able to share their love as we’re all meant to do?

Because of mistreatment gays receive it is hard for many people to see that same- sex marriage could give the economy a much needed boost in these times of great economic downturn. Weddings create all sorts of revenue that governments and the economy can benefit from.

Chapels are booked for the ceremonies, cakes are ordered, dresses and tuxes are fitted, rings are purchased and flowers are delivered. This spending puts money into the economy.

An average American wedding costs almost $29,000 according to the Wedding Report, a market research publication. That’s $29,000, which is tons of money! Now think of how much more money our country will bring in yearly if same sex marriage were legalized. If gay marriage were legalized nationwide, it’s estimated it would add $9.5 billion a year to the economy.

Same-sex marriages aren’t recognized in most states but Target stores nationwide are now selling greeting cards to celebrate them. The company says that its greeting card addition reflects an emphasis on “diversity” and inclusiviness. It also reflects customers who are young and accepting.

OK, lets say that same-sex marriage is legalized. Then 21,000 same-sex couples will finally tie the knot statewide, four million nationwide over the next three years. This will mean many millions of dollars in wedding related revenues from engagements to honeymoons. With this kind of spending now. Our country is sitting on buckets of money.

So, what could governments do with all the new money made from same-sex marriages? Create new jobs, offer better affordable health care, keep more schools open, there’s several things that can be done. And how about just being happy? The gays are.

And then with gays being equal to the next married couple there probably is a list of problems to go with it, right?

Maybe their same-sex marriage isn’t working. Marriage counseling couldn’t hurt. So they attend these marriage- counseling classes for quite some time before realizing that it really wasn’t helping. So then they file for a divorce.

One doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, the couple will  have to pay for lawyers, go to court.

But what about the couples that have no problems?  What are they up to? They are buying a new house, a new car and what ever else they hearts desire. All of that brings in more money to help the economy.

Why let the economy suffer much longer when all you have to do is legalize same-sex marriage? If two people love each other and wish to spend the rest of their lives together, they should not be hindered in doing so.

There’s not any history that determines whether or not same-sex marriage is right or wrong. Same-sex marriage is an economic issue. So go ahead — legalize it already.

Now since this same-sex marriage situation is behind us, what’s next? Polygamy or polyandry?


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