The Generation Y is Generation WHY

Story by: ABIGAIL PERLMAN / Constitution High School

TUHS Press reporter Abigail Perlman

Generation X is the product of the baby boomers.  The product of Generation X= the current youth in the nation, also known as Generation Y.  Maybe we should be called Generation “WHY?” because we are not afraid to question society.  Our open-mindedness makes us crave a change in society.

Because we were all born between 1980 and 2000, we were never in segregated schools, we have always been exposed to technology, our mothers didn’t have to be a house mom, sex has never been a sacred thing, you were always supposed to go to school, everybody has a gay friend, we learned what marijuana was by the time we were ten, and divorce was a part of life.

We’re out to change the world that fossil fuels are destroying, we’re going to try anyway.  The way we think could change the world.

Unfortunately for us, we’re pretty screwed.  The job market has gone to crap limited our potential careers.  You basically have three options:

  • Be 8 feet tall and put a ball in a basket
  • Have unnatural good looks and starve yourself for the camera
  • Or go to college.

Considering most of us are not mutants, despite whatever drugs our parents did in the 70s, we are stuck with getting an education.  With the economy in the toilet everybody needs help from the government to go to school.  We were all promised equal opportunity in 1783 when the Constitution was written.

Budget cuts to education seems like the most idiotic idea ever.  Everybody needed to be taught everything they know.  Conservatives complain about people not knowing how to speak English, but they don’t want their taxes to pay to educate immigrants.  So the solution is to not let anybody in?  It’s just racism.

Why do people care where people come from? Generation Y-ers don’t care  We judge based on what you have to offer as a person.

We ask why, WHY do people care where somebody is from? Why do people believe in religion? We don’t hold religion sacred, so the fear of going to hell for breaking the rules doesn’t have the same impact.  Sex is a casual thing.

I know many people who don’t even believe in God.  Because of this, it’s a good thing that a separation of church and state is a major founding principle in the Constitution.  Unfortunately, conservatives are trying to change that.

Why can’t a woman have an abortion? The thing is, it’s already been decided, Roe vs. Wade already said that an abortion is within a woman’s rights. Conservatives complain about all the single mothers and how much government money that’s taking through welfare, yet if it wasn’t so difficult to have an abortion and people weren’t ostracized for it there wouldn’t be as big of a problem.  Bottom line: what a woman does with her body is nobody’s business but her own.

Why can’t two men get married?  Religious activists campaign against gay marriage.  Tattoos are against some religious rules, but nobody is trying to make that illegal.

“Because God said so” has absolutely no reign on the Constitution whatsoever.

Not all Generation Y-ers feel the way I do, but I think that many agree.

Generation Y thinks very differently from past generations, but the normal evolution of society is being blocked by conservatives.  It’s not going to die down, it’ll burst.  We have the potential to make a great society.

But we can’t even go to college.


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