The Psychological Effects from Abuse

Story by:TANISHA LAMPART / Bok Technical High School

TUHS Press reporter Tanisha Lampart

Mental abuse is something very harmful to your life. Many things can occur when you are getting abused mentally by loved ones, friends and even strangers. When you are getting abused mentally, you come under a lot of stress and pain. You can get so much stress that you will end up in a hospital or worse – dead.

With mental abuse you tend to start losing your mind and that can cause longterm harm. When anybody is making fun of you over and over again you tend to internalize that and begin believing what they are saying .

People who abuse mentally tend to say that it’s always your fault and they will  put the blame on you at all times. Then you start to believe the abuser more than you believe in yourself. You start getting brainwashed and you will stop trusting in your own judgment. The person who is brainwashing you can take over your life now.

Mental abuse is a form of mental disorders that are common in America and in other countries. It is estimated by the National Institute of Mental Health that an average of 26.2 percent of all Americans over the age of 18 suffers from some kind of mental disorder in any given year.

Psychological abuse is messing with your mind. It’s one of the MOST lethal forms of emotional abuse. Psychological abuse can produce suicides. Suicides are the third leading cause of deaths for young persons aged 15-24 according to

Psychological abuse also destroys your confidence, creativity, and individuality. You start to believe there is something wrong with you because of the way you feel.

Abusers also attack and undermine all the things you do. But when they invalidate our feelings about it all a person can figuratively, if not literally drive you crazy and that’s why we feel crazy.

Psychological abuse can be done to men, women and teens. It’s widely accepted and tolerated because no one can understand what is going on including the victims.

Self esteem primarily depends on our feelings about ourselves but it is bolstered when we are surrounded by those with whom we feel, appreciated, admired, loved, supported, respected  valued, and understood, especially from someone who is supposed to love you .

So how can you fight to avoid psychological abuse?

One easy way is to eliminate the people from your life who are causing the mental abuse

Another way is to be stronger and believe in yourself. And getting therapy is always helpful.


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