Video Games Have Value Don’t Sell Them Short!

Story by: CARLOS ALICEA / Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson

TUHS Press reporter Carlos Alicea

Video gaming is said to have a negative impact on kids and society. I disagree.

Games are said to lead to aggression in kids who play violent games like Mortal Kombat or BattleField. I play these games and no one sees these issues in me.

Have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Gaming is also said to impact friendships, relationships and even your sex life. Games don’t just affect those areas though; some games are productive and help increase brain functions to help people. Different impacts occur from gaming, but most of the impacts are positive.

Video games are said to lead to violent acts. I say not. In fact a study from researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that violent gaming actually leads to cooperation. According to Henry Jenkins at, “the quality of home and not the media” is what triggers aggression and violent acts in children and gamers. If anything video games are a way to keep kids from committing violence, the games help keep kids off the street and in their safe comfy homes.

“Stop playing Xbox and pay attention to me!!!” sound familiar? That would be my girlfriend speaking and possibly a thousand others all over the world.

Did you know that in 2010 the pregnancy rate of teenage girls went down by a huge amount? Good thing? I think so.

The release of Call Of Duty:Black Ops was said to be the leading cause of this statistic.  The decrease is “50% in the first four months of its release,” according to Casey Flowers from At the same time thousands maybe millions of relationships ended as well. I expect this to happen once again since the sequel to Call Of Duty:Black Ops is being released this year in November, maybe the effect will be even larger this time around. Small bad thing, big good thing.

Games can be a whole new world, a culture within a culture. Xbox Live and the Playstation Network are two types of social networks created for the ability to play video with people all around the world. It’s a way to become more sociable and learn things about other countries.

In fact not all video games are made to entertain. The army and other organizations use video games to train pilots! Some games help teach languages. Scientists create and use games to find cures for diseases while also having some fun.

The world of gaming one of is the best things to happen with technology. Whether it’s to find a cure to a major disease, or pass time when you’re bored or even to learn something new.

Games are and have been the way to go for years and have an extremely positive effect on society. It’s helpful in unlimited ways that most people don’t know about.


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