Voiding Constitutional Rights

Story by: NETERA BRICKLE / Paul Robesonn High School 

TUHS Press reporter Netera Brickle

Do you know your constitutional rights? Really, just take the time to sit and think to yourself “what are some of my rights that I am ENTITLED to. Then, once you think of some rights you have, think of some laws that go AGAINST them.

Recently, I went out to Love Park in Center City to see if people could answer some general questions (i.e. What are some of your constitutional rights?  Do you know what laws void them? ect.)  One man said, “probably… I don’t know,” and then on top of that intelligent statement, he said he didn’t know if government was creating laws against our rights or not, and didn’t seem too interested on the subject.

So I beg to ask, why do so many people not know that their rights are being violated here in the lovely US of A? While you ponder on that, here is some background information on the Constitution.

Why do so many people not know that their rights are being violated here in the lovely U-S of A? While you ponder on that, here is some background information on the Constitution.

In 1791 the U.S. Constitution fully went into effect and was used as a proper guide to keep American government from turning into a dictatorship. The Constitution set the boundaries for natural rights and non-natural rights that are given under federal law, and stated that only certain powers are given to the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and the executive branch.

This was established to keep the “American dream” alive as well as keep order within the states, while also providing an equal opportunity for all citizens. To ensure that no government official shall go against the Constitution, but instead protect it, they swear under oath. And as a consequence for violating their oath they are charged with treason and can be punished with by death or imprisonment.

A brief summary of our rights that are protected by government are:

The right not to be killed, the right not to be injured or abused, the right to assemble peaceably, to keep and bear arms, to express or publish opinions, to not have unreasonable searches, to be tried (in court) by an impartial jury from the state and district in which the events took place, to vote in elections that are conducted fairly and honestly, by secret ballot.

However, in 21st century America, our government has created laws and bills that go against our constitutional rights, and it seems as though Americans aren’t really concerned or doing anything about it. Why you may ask? Well one reason is because the actions were taken without informing the public first.

One prime example of this is when Ppresident Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act or as most people call it, the NDAA. Mike Adams, the editor of the Natural News website, calls it “the most traitorous executive signing ever committed against the American people,” in his article entitled, R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789 – 2011.”

NDAA grants US military power to imprison and capture a citizen without any of proof of a crime, without a trial.   This not only violates our constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial (in court), but also violates our right not to be tortured or killed. So, how did our government get to pass this law without a major uproar from its citizens? Well, most Americans were out celebrating the New Year at that time. On December 31st on New Year’s Eve, President Barack Obama signed the NDAA without a word or warning to celebrating (and probably intoxicated) Americans.

Another good example would be the new “Anti protest law”, more formally known as H.R. 347. This law states that if a person protests at a place that may hold political “significance” you can be arrested. This outrageous law goes against our right to assemble peaceably, and it goes against our right to expression and freedom of speech. Ask the Occupy Movement people about that!

Now that you know of two laws that are prohibiting you from certain things you are entitled to, what are you going to do about it?

You can fight for what you deserve. Inform people, get together and take a stand on what you KNOW is right! Your mind is truly your strongest weapon, and when people stand together as a unit and use their MINDS, much can be accomplished with the help of patience and endurance.


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