Daily News Editor: Is Open to New Ideas

Michael Days takes a break during a morning news meeting.

Story by: BRITTANY JACOBS / Communications Technology High School

Photo by: NYSHADAE’ TAYLOR / Paul Robeson High School

Accomplished, admirable, blessed and dedicated are four words to describe Michael Days who is the Executive Vice-President & Editor of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Days entered the reporting industry 25-years ago. Today, he has a plethora of awards under his belt. Days repeatedly says “I love my job and the people I work with.” When asked what made him want to enter journalism he said he, “I was nosey!”

Even though Days received his master’s degree from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism he initially wanted to be an English teacher.

Days left the Daily News for a year and a half, working for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Then he came back because he loved the job so much and was offered the Executive V.P. position. He took the job without question.

Today Days is running the Daily News successfully. One issue he is trying to overcome is changing the attitudes of many people that news on the Internet should be free. He and his staff are trying to find something that people will pay for on the Internet.

One thing that Days does every day is have ‘”morning news meetings’ with the heads of each Daily News department to makes sure everybody is doing their part to make that day’s newspaper good.

Days is a wonderful outgoing person.

He is always open to new ideas. Days say, “One of my main goals for the company is to figure out how to be better for the 21st century!”

The Daily News has recently moved from long- time office on Broad and Callowhill Streets to 8th & Market Street. Days said he “LOVES” the new building and the space.

Days advice to high school students: “Do something that fits your passion!!”


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