Internet Start-Up Gets Set to Go

CompleteLeap employee Toni Mastropieri (left) sits with CEO Ryan Draving (right) during an interview.

Story by: HEIDIE MOJICA / Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

Photo by: MADELINE CLAPIER / Constitution High School

“Picture an Internet marketing agency as a magician right?” says Ryan Draving, CEO of Compete Leap, “They know all the tricks, but you don’t know the tricks, so if you want one of those tricks done for your guest at your house you have to pay the magician $150 an hour to get that to your house.”

That is the price a private consultant will charge you to get your small business set up with local Internet advertising. Those who are part of the Executive Education Alliance, an instructional company poised for an end of the summer startup, thought differently when creating their product called CompeteLeap.

“If the magician reveals to you how to do that trick you can learn the trick really easily and then perform it for your guests and not have to pay anything. All you have to do is take the time to show it to your guests. That’s what we do; we take the magician’s secrets and put it on the table using Internet marketing CEOs from across the industry,” Draving said.

Members of the Executive Education Alliance strive to find members, talented “magicians”, who are excited, and passionate about Internet marketing. So far the search has led them to gathering a crew of 21 team members, and 15 advisors.

Toni Mastropieri joined the company at the beginning of the summer at the age of 19, while also studying at Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. She said the company is constantly growing; Emily DeMichele recently joined less than a month ago, at the age of 18, while studying at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Now these two young women are pursuing their careers in Internet marketing and preparing themselves for the future while at the same time preparing a product that is expected to be released by the end of the summer.

Could it be that perhaps it is today’s youth that are the masterminds behind society’s profit? “Nine out of ten local businesses go bankrupt in ten years, so ten years from now 90% of local business owners won’t be here, with a new generation trying to survive,” said Draving. Each generation then brings new potential leaders, and it is up to them.

Draving said his company, CompeteLeap, offers a step- by- step, five-minute video training for every category of local business. Draving explains that his firm takes everyone: from a personal injury lawyer, to a patent lawyer, to every other type of lawyer or doctor or other service provider, and then makes a video series about how to do local Internet marketing. He said his business takes the power that usually exists with marketing firms only and give it to the local business owners with support from the CompeteLeap team.

The typical “how-to” video uses a method called “tell and test,” where you tell the person what you’re going to tell them and then you test the person based on what they remember. On the other hand CompeteLeap uses an action- oriented method based on each video that customers watch, rather than just teaching the so called theory of marketing.

The videos teach local business owners to learn by simply “doing.” The method produces a 75% knowledge retention rate, whereas the tell- and- test method produces a 20% knowledge retention rate, he said. The company’s videos still contain assessments; however they deal with real world examples. Overall, the local business owner will be spending a half hour each week taking an action, and that according to Draving is “the icing on the cake.”

“So you’re learning and seeing results right away instead of having to wait, or wait for the Internet marketing company to do it for you. You’re in control,” Mastropieri said.

Draving has many exciting ideas but he does not want than go into details and give his ideas away to competitors in the industry. A true magician must never tell….until the end of the summer that is.


For more information about Compete Leap, please visit


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